In an ideal situation, acne would stop after adolescence, but a person’s genes are what determine when pimples stop popping up. While true for some, acne is fully capable of following a person into old age. When it comes to developing mild cases of acne as an adult, women are more prone to the breakouts than men are. Most mid-life acne in females is due to a woman’s menstrual cycle and menopause. While the use of oral medication can help in some situations, there are a notable number of cases in which pills have serious side effects. In either sex, acne can be caused by the use of products containing iodine, which make the skin sensitive to breakouts, or even stressful events.

Acne Prevention

For those whose pimples persist throughout adulthood, it is possible to wipe away the pest-like blemishes and keep them gone. Even though a person’s face should be kept clean regardless of their state of acne, simply washing the face twice a day with soap is not enough to combat acne. However, by using a dermatologist recommended facial treatment, the face can be cleared and kept that way if use of the product is continued.

Another important factor for clear skin is moisturizing, even if a person has oily skin. After washing your face or using your facial treatment the face is stripped of moisture that must be replaced. Oil free moisturizers are available for those who worry about making their faces even oilier and there are also moisturizers that can be used to help dry skin retain the oil it needs.

Among the myths surrounding acne, like the claim that eating certain foods cause or prevent breakouts, the idea that pimple problems disappear completely once a person becomes an adult is one of the most widely believed. Although it may not disappear on its own, there are many treatments that can be used to achieve clear skin. By using dermatologist recommended products continuously, pimples can be a problem of the past.

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