Spider veins are veins that have risen to just below the surface of the skin during aging. Spider veins can be caused by a high level of sodium in the body, heredity and obesity depending on the person and their skin type. However, spider veins can be treated if they are handled in a steady and professional manner.

Each of the treatments listed here can help to reduce or eliminate the appearance of spider veins on the body. While each treatment is unique, they are not all going to work for every patient. Consulting a physician to get the best routine for spider veins will help with final results.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments can be done inside the veins with a pulsing laser light. These pulsing laser lights can be inserted into the vein under local anesthesia so that the patient feels no discomfort.

The pulsing laser light causes the vein to collapse. This can be done to any vein to make it disappear or fade greatly on the skin.

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio frequencies can be used to ensure that they veins are made to collapse. Under this treatment, the monitor is inserted into the vein and the frequency pulse heats the vein. The vein collapses under the heat and disappears or looks much more faded than before.

Lasers and Radio Frequency Over The Skin

The same laser and radio frequency treatments that are used under the skin can be used over the skin. Laser treatments can be used to help cause veins to collapse without damage to the skin. In the same way, radio frequencies can be press against the skin to cause the veins to collapse. These treatments do not require anesthesia for the patient, however, they are not quite as effective as something more invasive.


Finally, surgeries can be done to remove spider veins if the patient is troubled by their appearance. For those who do not find less-invasive treatments to be effective, these surgeries may be the only way to make spider veins go away.

Spider veins happy to everybody, and they can be handled through some innovative procedures that help patients change their appearance and feel better about themselves.