As we get other, the signs of aging on the skin–particularly on the face, neck and hands–become more and more prominent. Age spots, sun spots and pesky wrinkles can be found on the face, hands and legs. There are hundreds of over the counter products that claim to help reduce signs of aging. Creams, serums and sprays line the aisles of drug stores, and advertisements on TV and in magazines are always touting something new. But it’s important to be smart about what you choose to use on your skin to improve the signs of aging, not only to save money but to avoid doing more harm that good. After all, you only have one body and you want to treat it right.

This is why the best bet to save your skin from wrinkles and unsightly sun spots or scars is to consult a cosmetic dermatologist. They are the only trained professionals who are in the business of keeping skin healthy and attractive. With the help of dermatologists, there are several cosmetic dermatology treatments that can drastically improve your skin. Read on to learn more about how these treatments may benefit you.

First, there is microdermabrasion. This practice uses very fine particles to help softly brush off even the tiniest of dead skin cells from the outermost layers of the skin. This technique can also be done with a diamond tipped wand that your dermatologist can brush finely over the skin to slough off unneeded layers. This procedure is not painful, and no anesthetic is required.

Laser Skin Resurfacing is another technique that takes away subtle imperfections from the face where people would see them most. To have laser skin resurfacing done, a laser light is guided over the surface of the skin’s tissue. The output of the laser light is constant and controlled, making it very safe and extremely effective. There is little swelling, bruising or bleeding with this technique, and complications are near none. This process can remove wrinkles, sun damage and old acne scars from past years.

Chemical peels are another option for helping the skin to look younger. Chemical peels are used to take off the top layers of dead skin and reveal younger, fresher looking skin beneath. These peels can take care of old mild scars, melasma (dark patches that occur from the sun), treat wrinkles from aging or sun damage and make the skin tighter and more taught around the mouth and eyes. The peels can treat certain variations of acne as well. The process uses a chemical solution that is applied on the face, neck or hands.

Using any one or a combination of these cosmetic dermatology treatments can greatly improve the look of aging skin. Consult a dermatologist today for an appointment.