When you live in a climate like San Diego, where you’re exposed to a high level of ultraviolet rays your skin pays for it by developing sun spots and discoloration. However, environment isn’t the only thing that causes damage to skin; Acne and its subsequent scarring, aging and wrinkles, and even surgery can result in skin damaging scars. The beauty market offers crèmes, masks, lotions, scrubs, and even home microdermabrasion treatments that promise to lighten sun spots, banish wrinkles, and fade scars. Dermatologists recommend cool laser skin resurfacing in San Diego, CA, to treat a variety of skin conditions. Learn about the top reasons you might benefit from cool laser treatments.

Cool Laser Technology Defined

If you’re looking for cutting edge technology to treat skin damage, cool lasers may be your solution. Cool laser technology helps skin repair itself through the use of small beams. The beams act like needles and heat the skin tissue underneath the beams. Tissue next to the beams isn’t affected so it remains healthy. The healthy tissue comes to the rescue and helps in the healing process. The beams number in the thousands and stimulate collagen growth. The result of collagen growth?  Fine lines will look smoother. Enlarged pores will shrink. Laser treatments also improve the appearance acne scars. Cool beam laser technology is an excellent choice of treatment for three specific skin issues.

Fight the Effects of Sun Worshiping

Despite warnings that over exposure to ultraviolet rays may contribute to skin damage, it’s difficult for some people to stay out of the sun. To many people, sun bronzed skin is associated with health and beauty. Unfortunately, too much time in the sun without protection shows up on the skin in the form of discoloration, or sun spots. You may not notice these spots when you’re young but as you age, they gradually develop and can be quite unattractive. Laser treatments work well for patients who want to improve the appearance of skin due to sun damage.

Minimize Acne Scars

If you had acne as a teenager, you understand the pain of scars. The scars resemble pits or indentations in the skin. Some patients suffer extensive damage due to years of dealing with acne. Cool beam laser therapy can be helpful for patients who wish to minimize the rough texture of acne scarring. To find out if you’re a good candidate for skin resurfacing of acne scars in San Diego, CA, look for a dermatologist who specializes in laser treatments.

Combat the Effects of Aging

In addition to the uneven skin tone caused by age spots, wrinkles are a concern for people with aging skin. Laser treatments are a viable option for patients who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After treatment, skin will look rejuvenated and less dull. Most people who have cool beam laser treatments say they feel like their skin looks healthier and younger. If you’re interested in discussing your options and skin resurfacing cost in San Diego, CA, make an appointment today for a dermatologist consultation.