An important component to successful laser resurfacing is the patient following a few simple rules. If you’re attentive to some post-operative guidelines, it’ll go a long way towards a comfortable and seamless recovery from your cosmetic dermatology treatment. San Diego, CA, is famous for its invigorating sunshine all the year round, but you’re going to have swear off the beaches for a few days if you want a full recovery.


After the treatment, follow your physician’s instructions on when, where, and how much topical ointment to apply on your skin. You should also apply cooling compresses, though never ice directly. On the night after the treatment, sleep with your head elevated. For the first few days, avoid direct sunlight, and be prepared for your skin to be red and have a sunburn-like sensation for several hours.

Week 1 after Treatment

Continue to apply ointment as needed, as the swelling and itching should begin to subside. Within a few days, you can begin to aggressively wash your face with your fingertips to promote exfoliation. Also, if you go outside, be sure to apply SPF 30 or higher with zinc oxide or titanium oxide, and powdered makeup is acceptable. Avoid any strenuous exercise until at least two weeks after the treatment.

Month 1 after Treatment

Continue using moisturizer until your skin feels that it has reached its normal level of hydration. You should probably continue using powder makeup as liquid foundation may clog the pores and cause irritation. Also, it would still be wise to use 30+ SPF sunblock when going outside and avoid excessive sun for a few more weeks. If you’re ready to resume your regular workout, go right ahead.

After the first month, your life will mostly be back to normal. Apply moisturizer when necessary, and 30+ sunblock for a few more weeks, and contact your doctor providing cosmetic laser dermatology in San Diego, CA, if there are any complications. The reality is, if you’re conscientious and just follow these few simple steps, your recovery from laser resurfacing should be a breeze.