BALD MANOver two-thirds of men will experience some hair loss by the age of 30. The options for those who face this reality have improved drastically over the years, with laser hair therapy being one of the more effective treatments. The method of cosmetic laser dermatology in San Diego, CA, utilizes low-level laser light exposure to stimulate hair follicles and promote growth and thickness. Here are some other facts about laser hair therapy that you should know.

Laser Therapy Is Not Hair Replacement

The purpose of laser hair therapy is to stimulate dormant hair follicles and thus growth. It’s meant to thicken existing hair quantity on its own or after a transplant (if you’re interested in transplants, contact a cosmetic dermatology clinic in San Diego.)

Few Side Effects

While you should get a cosmetic dermatology consultation in San Diego, CA, you should also know that the FDA had determined laser hair therapy has no significant side effects. Additionally, laser hair therapy devices have a long history of safe use with no record of problems. Their safety record is impeccable. The recovery period is minimal and generally comprised of the time you spend getting treatment. That means you can get the therapy and not miss any work and because side effects are almost unheard of, you can get on with your life as soon as you leave the therapy session.

Few After Effects

Laser hair therapy has very few, if any, lasting effects other than thicker hair. In many cases, the only inconvenience is the time spent getting the therapy. While transplants require surgery and thus scarring, laser hair therapy is completely noninvasive. That means that almost everyone leaves a clinic in the same state they arrived, just with the probability of thicker hair. There are no post-operative procedures and no required post-surgery follow-up visits.

If you are hesitant about getting hair transplant surgery, nonintrusive laser hair therapy might be the right approach for you. If you are interested, a consultation with cosmetic laser dermatology in San Diego, CA, is in order.