With more and more technologies being developed every year, combined with new advances for old technologies, it can be hard to keep up, and misconceptions abound. This uncertainty can extend to all kinds of skin treatments, including cosmetic lasers. If you go to a cosmetic dermatology and laser center in San Diego, CA, you’ll find that people have been using lasers for a variety of purposes for quite some time and are quite precise and reliable. Before you look into laser treatments for yourself, though, it helps to learn a bit more about the process.

What It Is

Lasers are small devices that emit and amplify light by exciting atoms, creating a small beam that can be used for many things, from cutting material to reading bar codes. When it comes to cosmetic laser dermatology in San Diego, lasers can be used to remove damaged skin layer by layer or to stimulate healing by helping your face produce more collagen. As with any procedure, laser treatments usually take several sessions and involve a recovery period in order for you to fully heal.

Types of Treatments

If you have a cosmetic dermatology consultation in San Diego, you and your doctor can discuss your skin concerns and see if laser treatments are an option for you. Lasers are used for many conditions, from manmade ones like tattoos to the normal signs of aging like wrinkles. They can target specific areas to diminish scars or over a broad surface to reverse the yellowing of old skin. Some lasers target the top layer of the skin, while others aim below the surface while leaving the top layer alone. Some of the most common treatments involve removing fungus, unwanted hair, scars, tattoos, or molds. Other times, people come in for treatments like skin resurfacing, which generally revitalizes the skin after removing the imperfections.

After the Treatment

While some people claim that laser treatments can wear out or stretch your skin, there is no solid research that shows any negative long-lasting side effects. You can discuss specific side effects for the treatment you want with a cosmetic dermatology and laser center in San Diego, CA, but, in general, there are sometimes mild side effects like temporary redness or itching around the treated area that fades over time with rest and proper care. Your doctor can give you a post-operative skin care program, including specific instructions about things that you should or should not do. For instance, you may have to stay out of the sun for a week or two following your treatments.