Thanks to recent advancements in laser technology, laser tattoo removal has become an effective method that hasn’t quite stood the test of time. However, many people choose to forego this treatment out of fear perpetuated by myths and misconceptions spread on the internet.  

If you’re considering cosmetic laser dermatology in San Diego, CA, to get rid of your tattoo, you should be aware of these five common myths.

Myth #1: Laser Tattoo Removal Will Scar Your Skin

Truth: Since laser tattoo removal only targets the top layer of your skin, scarring is highly unlikely, especially in part due to recent advancements like the PiQo4. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates newer generation Q-switched lasers and conducts quality inspections to ensure that they don’t cause scarring or other skin problems.

Myth #2: Tattoo Removal Creams Are Just as Effective as Laser Treatment

Truth: While there are various tattoo removal creams on the market, none are as effective at removing ink as lasers. These creams are unable to go far enough into your skin to where the ink is located. At best, they may fade your tattoo and possibly make it look worse. These products may also cause side effects, such as irritation and swelling.

Myth #3: Fresh Tattoos Are Easier to Remove Than Old Ones

Truth: The opposite is true. Older tattoos are much easier to remove because the ink has already had time to fade. In fact, laser tattoo removal requires that the area be fully healed, and the area around your tattoo can take weeks to heal completely.

Myth #4: Black Is the Hardest Color to Remove

Truth: Again, the opposite reigns true. If you have an all-black tattoo, you’ll have a much easier time during the removal process than you would if you were to have a multicolor tattoo. Out of all colors, black has the least number of additives, which complicate the removal, and is the most receptive to laser light.