While it’s important to regularly wash your face, keeping your skin in lovely condition requires just a little extra effort. The key is to use different skin care products in conjunction with each other, so you can get the most benefit from them. In addition to regular visits to your cosmetic dermatologist in San Diego, CA, here are a few things you can do to build a daily skin care routine.


First, you’ll need to wash your face. Using a water-soluble cleanser will remove debris, oil, and makeup. This process unclogs pores, allows your skin to breathe, while ensuring your other skin products will be at their most effective. After a good cleanse, your skin should feel softer and healthier.


A well-formulated toner is instrumental in hydrating and refreshing your skin. Adding vital replenishing ingredients to your freshly washed face can remove dry patches and eliminate redness as well as the last remaining makeup left over from washing your face. In the end, the effect should be a refreshed face, replenished with natural minerals and oils. For those with oily skin, you may notice the added advantage of smaller pores.


Leave-on AHA and BHA exfoliants can extract dead skin from the surface of your face, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed. Day-to-day living can result in our skin being damaged by external factors like wind, sun, and pollution. Using exfoliants is perfect for removing this damage before it has the chance to build up. They also can mitigate clogged pores and, over time, wrinkling.

Acne Treatment

Not everyone has acne problems, but if you do, here is where you apply your acne treatment. If you apply acne medication without the preceding steps, your medication won’t be nearly as effective, and you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

After you’ve completed your routine, apply your choice of moisturizer. Whichever moisturizer you use in the morning be sure it contains sunscreen. Following this routine twice a day will keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant, ensuring that you’ll impress your dermatologist in San Diego, CA, on your next visit.