Laser skin resurfacing has quickly become one of the most popular ways to counteract the effects of aging. A completely natural, non-invasive procedure, laser skin resurfacing can diminish wrinkles, and reduce or eliminate acne marks, scars, and evidence of sun damage. How often you seek treatment largely depends on the results you want to see.

Severe Acne Scars

The most dramatic improvements will require the most treatments. It takes approximately 4 weeks for skin to recover, so one visit per month is the most you can expect. Treatments performed this frequently should be reserved for patients with particularly bad acne scars, as well as severe sagging and wrinkling. The process of laser skin resurfacing increases your skin’s production of collagen. To maintain high levels of collagen production to mitigate the effects of severe wrinkling and acne scars, you will require a few visits on a monthly basis. That’s why it’s recommended you schedule regular appointments for laser skin resurfacing for scars in San Diego, CA.

Minor Acne Scarring

If you’ve had bad acne scars in the past, the odds are pretty good they will return. It has little to do with your behavior or diet. It’s simply genetics. If you’ve had your severe acne scars removed through laser skin resurfacing, you may notice a few new scars appearing over time, and would like those dealt with so you can maintain the fresh look you’d achieved immediately after treatment. Traditionally, annual treatments are enough to eliminate further scarring, and to maintain your skin’s healthy appearance.

One Time Treatment

If you have little or no scarring, and have been careful your whole life to wear sunscreen and take good care of your skin, you may require no more than a single treatment. A single laser skin resurfacing treatment can remove small wrinkles and minor blemishes, with the results lasting for up to 5 years.

San Diegans spend a lot of time in the sun. That’s why – whether you need several monthly treatments, or just one –  laser skin resurfacing in San Diego, CA, is so popular, and can accomplish so much.