Acne scars

The only thing worse than active breakouts are the possible scars that are left behind. Depending on the depth and location of acne, scars can form. If you’re tired of uneven skin due to previous breakouts, there are remedies available. Get the clear skin of your dreams with these scar reduction tips from the academic dermatology consultants in San Diego, CA.

Get Rid of Active Acne

Before you can begin working on acne scars, it’s important to clear any active pimples that you may have. Prescriptions, facials, and spa treatments can help to clear up breakouts, giving you a chance to focus on any scars that may remain in their wake. A dermatologist can determine which products will react best with your skin, clearing up any breakouts that you may have.

At-Home Remedies

There are plenty of products you can try at home to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Retinoid, lactic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids are all over-the-counter products that can be applied to your face daily. Over time, they slough of layers of your skin and also promote collagen growth, causing acne scars to fade significantly. While at-home remedies can prove effective, they may not provide the desired effects if the scars are especially deep.

In-Office Procedures

If you’re looking for a more aggressive approach, your dermatologist has a number of different methods available to treat acne scars. Micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, resurfacing, micro-needling and even fillers can help to reduce the appearance of scars. Most of these treatments involve stimulating collagen growth through deep exfoliation or micro-injury. Collagen will then form in an effort to heal the site, causing the scars to fade significantly.

With so many treatment options available, getting rid of your acne scars has never been easier. However, don’t take matters into your own hands. Determining the best treatment for your acne scars should be left to the experts at Academic Dermatology in San Diego, CA. Meet with them to discuss which method will be the most beneficial for your skin type.