Just about everyone has some sort of cyst, even if they do not know it. Many people do not even know that what they have is a cyst unless it starts bothering them or becomes infected. Ignoring a cyst, however, can lead to larger, more serious and even chronic issues. If you’re considering going to an emergency dermatologist in Chula Vista, CA, here are some guidelines to help you decide what to do.

Infected Cyst

This happens when bacteria gets inside the cyst area and can lead to very serious complications, including getting into your blood. The best indicator your cyst is infected initially is a soreness followed by redness. If the cyst starts to swell, you almost certainly have an infection and need to get it checked out by dermatology specialists as soon as you can.

Ruptured Cyst

The most common type of cyst is the sebaceous cyst, which happens when the outlets for skin cells become clogged. When that happens, skin cells build up and, in some cases,, can rupture. When that happens it is one, painful and two, prone to infection. If your cyst is ruptured, follow up with dermatology as soon as you can.

General Pain

Sometimes when a cyst ruptures it empties of skin cells and begins to fill up again. That can be painful and can lead to scarring. If that’s your case, see a dermatologist as soon as you can.

Chronic Ruptures

A ruptured cyst can commence a cycle where it: builds, ruptures, scars, builds, ruptures, scars, and starts the cycle over and over. When that happens, treatment becomes more complex and difficult. The affected area becomes a mix of scar tissue and smaller cysts, which makes any extrication very difficult. When this happens, surgery is the best option.

Eliminate an Annoyance

A cyst that’s not infected, ruptured, or because of a chronic rupture is generally easy to remove, depending on where it is located. A quick removal allows for quick healing and avoids the possibility of chronically ruptured cysts.

Cysts are generally benign but annoying. They can get infected or rupture, which is why if you have one, you should get it taken care of before you have to see anĀ emergency dermatologist in Chula Vista, CA.