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Acne is an incredibly common skin condition that nearly 85 percent of people between 12 and 24 will experience. Because it’s so common and there are so many over-the-counter treatments available, people forget that acne isn’t just a cosmetic problem. It is a medical condition that, more often than not, should be treated by a professional dermatologist. How do you know when it’s time to call a doctor? Here are five signs you should contact your dermatologist.

Sudden Breakouts

If you haven’t been diagnosed with acne before and suddenly notice red bumps on your face, back, or anywhere else, you should contact a doctor. Other skin conditions, such as folliculitis and rosacea, can look very similar to acne. If this is the first time you’ve experienced this kind of breakout, it can be incredibly easy to confuse the conditions. To be sure that what you are dealing with is acne, set up an appointment with a dermatologist in La Jolla, CA.

Moderate to Severe Inflammatory Breakouts

For those with moderate to severe acne, inflammatory breakouts, or cystic flare-ups, over-the-counter products won’t be able to help. They aren’t strong enough to handle acne at this level; you will just end up wasting your time and money. Cysts and nodules are particularly severe types of breakouts that you should always get checked out by a professional. These deep zits can cause scarring, so be sure to get them treated sooner rather than later.

Caused by Medication

Some medications, such as birth control and steroids, actually can cause acne. If frequent breakouts are a side effect of your prescription medication, be sure to talk to your doctor. Only they will be able to create an adequate treatment plan for you.

Worsened with Over-the-Counter Products

Acne products that you can buy at the pharmacy aren’t suitable for all cases. Though they can help with mild breakouts, they are ineffective for a lot of people. If you believe your over-the-counter treatment isn’t working to clear up your acne, talk to your doctor. You should try a product for about 10-12 weeks before moving on to a stronger prescription medication. This will give you plenty of time to determine whether or not the store-bought treatment is effective and if you notice any improvements. If the three-month mark rolls around, you have been using the treatment consistently, and you still not notice a difference, a stronger solution may be in order. The dermatologist consultant can prescribe you an acne medication that will clear up your skin and they may also be able to provide you with some guidance and skin care tips that you can use to treat your acne at home.

Dermatology appointment

You Feel Hopeless

Acne can impact more than just your skin; it can affect your self-esteem, confidence, and life as a whole. Having frequent, serious breakouts can make you feel uncomfortable in social situations, less confident, and hopeless about your situation. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By meeting with a doctor, you can not only treat your skin, but also the negative emotions that it may be causing. There is no need to simply live with your problem. With the right treatment, you will start to see an improvement in just a few short weeks.

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