For those dealing with certain skin conditions, laser skin resurfacing may be the right option to achieve healthy, gorgeous skin. Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see scars, lines, spots, or wrinkles. This non-invasive procedure will allow you to quickly and effectively clear your skin of these visible marks, providing you with more confidence as you take on each day. Before jumping into a procedure such as this, you’ll want to determine whether it’s worth it for you. Here is some more information to help you decide if laser skin resurfacing treatment in San Diego, CA is right for you.

Dermatologist San Diego Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing gives patients wishing to get rid of certain marks on their skin the ability to do so in a non-invasive way. This quick appointment will allow you to remove any wrinkles or other skin irregularities in a quick and effective manner. An alternative treatment to more invasive types of procedures, this treatment method will allow you to avoid cutting, poking, or peeling off the skin that accompanies more traditional treatments. The benefits of this procedure include more confidence in your appearance with minimal risk included.

How It Works

The laser skin resurfacing process works with the use of a laser beam. The beam is directed at the area of skin affected and quickly removes the skin, layer by layer, erasing the wrinkles or other marks you may want to be removed. This is done by increasing the amount of collagen that exists in the skin. Collagen is a protein that provides more elasticity and strength in the skin, and you produce less of it as you age. Laser skin resurfacing allows you to have a similar amount of collagen that you had in your younger days. This is a quick, non-invasive outpatient procedure that will allow you to avoid other options that might include cutting, poking, or peeling the skin to get rid of the undesired marks.

No Downtime

A primary benefit of this type of procedure is that there is no downtime after it is completed. With the ability to complete the process quickly and with no negative lasting effects, you can even have the procedure done during your lunch break and return to work afterwards good as new.


Whether or not this is the right procedure for you depends on the condition of your skin. While this is the ideal type of procedure for wrinkles and some other marks, it should not be used for more serious skin conditions. If you are suffering from a skin condition and are considering laser skin resurfacing as a solution, you should first speak with a qualified dermatologist. They will be able to evaluate your skin to determine if this is the right course of action or if it might do more damage to an already troubling condition.

Dermatologist San Diego Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing in San Diego, CA is a non-invasive procedure that can allow you to remove unwanted marks and wrinkles from your skin. The result will be younger looking skin with no recovery time or additional procedures needed. Understanding the process and speaking with a dermatologist will allow you to determine if this is the right type of procedure for you. Give Academic & Aesthetic Dermatology Consultants a call today (858) 292-7525. Same day appointments.