Do you have an upcoming dermatologist appointment that you might not be thrilled about? Don’t worry; there’s nothing scary about seeing a specialist to treat your skin! To help you feel more at ease, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you prepare for your trip to the dermatology cosmetic center in San Diego, CA, this spring.

Skin Care in San Diego

Write Down Questions and Concerns

Your dermatology visit is a great time to voice any questions or concerns you have about your current skin condition and the medications you’re using. However, many patients end up forgetting to ask anything during their appointment out of fear. Your cosmetic dermatologist in San Diego, CA, is here to help you, so ask away! Questions you should prepare for your upcoming appointment may vary, from the type of acne you must how you can improve your skin’s condition. Also, if you’re worried about losing track of your questions during your appointment, a helpful rule of thumb is to write them down on a small pad of paper that you can bring to your dermatologist visit.

Know What Kind of Treatments You’re Already Using

Before your upcoming dermatology appointment, you should make a brief list of the medical treatments you’re currently on, whether it be for your skin or any other health condition. This way, your dermatologist can prescribe you an effective treatment that won’t interact badly with the medication you’re currently on. Plus, telling your new dermatologist precisely what you’re using to treat your skin can help create a baseline of your skin’s condition and can really help in managing your acne once and for all.

Bring Current Medication to Your Appointment

If you really want to go above and beyond at your upcoming dermatologist visit, you should bring all your current medication you’re taking with you, from acne cream to migraine pills. This is especially important if you’re taking a lot of medication that tends to interact with other prescribed treatments, or if you have a hard time memorizing the names of the drugs you’re taking. The day before your appointment, you should seal your medication in a small Ziplock bag with your name written on it.

Avoid Wearing Makeup to Cover Up Your Skin

Although it may feel tempting to cover your face in makeup for your appointment in order to make your skin look like it’s in better condition than it really is, this is the last thing you want to do. After all, how else is your dermatologist going to know how bad your skin is if you’re plastering it in makeup? It’s easier for your dermatologist to work on your skin if they can see your acne in its pure form. Besides makeup, you also don’t want to drown your skin in conditioner either. It’s best to stick to simple facewash before your appointment.

Dermatologist in San Diego Examining a Woman’s Skin

It’s easy to become disappointed that your skin condition isn’t completely healed following your first dermatologist appointment. In truth, it may take a few trips and a half-dozen treatments to finally see a difference in your skin, especially if you suffer from a severe acne strain. But that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do every day to improve your condition, such as exercising regularly, sticking to a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, avoid wearing heavy makeup, and more. Hopefully, following this upcoming visit, you can take your first steps towards healthier, younger-looking skin this spring. To book your visit today, take advantage of our exclusive online booking services at today!