Sunlight has plenty of benefits for the human body. It naturally perks you up and gives you energy, lifts your mood, helps with mood disorders like depression, and even stimulates the production of Vitamin D for healthy bones.

However, excess sunlight exposure has some very well-known effects on your body, especially your skin. Sun can damage your skin, whether or not you apply sunscreen. Some people are more likely than others to develop sun damage, especially those with certain health conditions, as well as the elderly.

People Enjoying Sunshine

Sun damage also goes further than just redness and irritation or peeling. Sun damaged skin ages more quickly, and the sun’s damaging UV rays can target the collagen under the surface of your skin, the substance that makes it elastic, youthful, and smooth. Over time, prolonged sun exposure can lead to sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and other flaws that can make you look older and less fresh.

It can be tempting to enjoy the outdoors and all the mood-boosting sunlight that comes with it. Thankfully, laser skin resurfacing for scars and other signs of sun damage may be an effective solution. Here’s some helpful information about laser skin resurfacing treatments, their benefits, and how they work.


Laser skin resurfacing is a facial treatment that relies on high-energy lights, or lasers, that are absorbed by the moisture in your skin. The light turns into heat energy, which then eliminates thin and vulnerable areas of your skin. While this may sound disastrous, the point of the treatment is to eliminate several layers of unhealthy skin so that your body can replace it with clean, fresh, new skin.

Many people turn to laser skin resurfacing for acne scars, sun spots, and other signs of sun damage. It works because it doesn’t just eliminate scars or try to cover up signs of damage. Rather, it helps the body shed unhealthy layers and heal itself.

There are many types of laser skin resurfacing treatments. Some heat the skin to make it tighter, while high-energy lasers can destroy bad skin layers and you will eventually grow back tight, healthy, smooth, damage-free skin.

Does It Work?

Best of all, it actually works! Topical creams and over-the-counter skin treatments may be able to moisturize the skin or cover up scars temporarily, but only the intensive lasers from laser skin resurfacing actually rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful and clean look.

While it may take a few treatments for the process to be completed, because it relies on the body naturally building new layers of skin over time, the results are far more effective. Laser skin resurfacing has been shown to improve redness, uneven skin tone, sun spots, and so much more. It even rejuvenates collagen, for tighter, more elastic skin that makes you look much younger and more energized.

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The amount of treatments that you’ll need depends on the extent of your skin damage, your age, and other factors. Don’t worry; a skin rejuvenation center will help you determine how many treatments you’ll need in order to get smooth, youthful-looking skin again. You may also need to change your skin care regimen to improve the likelihood of success.

Where to Go

If you’re interested in laser skin resurfacing in San Diego, CA, to treat your sun-damaged skin, visit Academic & Aesthetic Dermatology Consultants today. They offer the best skin rejuvenation treatments, as well as other treatments that can reverse sun damage and help you look and feel younger again. Same day appointments. Call (858) 292-7525