Acne can be a serious blow to your confidence. It’s hard for other people to see your beauty behind red bumps, roughness, and scars. Even worse, acne can cause soreness, itching, and discomfort. Clearing up your acne means opening up your life to more possibilities.

Believe it or not, acne afflicts over 50 million people per year, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. And, even worse, rates of acne sufferers in their 30s are rising today.

And while people try and fail to self-treat acne with insufficient store-bought creams, expensive treatment serums, and home remedies like fruit facials, it may be time for you to get serious about treating your acne for good using real, dermatologist-approved practices. Ask a dermatologist in San Diego, and here are some of the best techniques that they’ll recommend to treat your stubborn acne.

Topical Treatments

There is no magic cure that can help everyone, but topical treatments are effective for many mild cases of acne. Topical medications like serums and creams are applied directly to the skin, either directly on the affected area or across your entire face. Certain topical treatments can also be used on other areas of the body, including the shoulders and neck. Topical medications commonly include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. Retinoids are used for more severe cases of acne. Vitamin B-based topical solutions are fairly new but have been shown to reduce inflammation and even smooth the appearance of acne-troubled skin.


Oral or topical antibiotics attack the bacteria that commonly causes acne. Doxycycline and minocycline are commonly prescribed because they target acne-causing bacteria. However, they need to be taken exactly as directed. Never attempt to take antibiotics without a prescription. These medications must be used carefully to prevent bacterial resistance, which can make your acne worse, and to protect good bacteria in the body, like bacteria in your stomach and large intestine that help with digestion. Antibiotics may be taken alongside other treatments.

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High-Tech Treatments

Your insurance may cover certain treatments that are performed directly in a dermatologist’s office. These treatments are far more effective than those performed at spas and non-medical “health spas,” because they’re based on scientific research and medically approved practices aimed at targeting and eliminating acne. These include treatments that direct red and blue light over the skin to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria, as well as laser treatments that zap bacteria and help clear your pores to prevent future breakouts. While there are at-home options that direct light or lasers at your face, physicians strongly recommend that you leave these treatments in the hands of medical professionals to improve effectiveness and prevent injury.

Getting a Dermatologists Help

Remember that finding the right treatment for your acne is an individual process. Only certified and experienced dermatologist associates can evaluate your skin, then determine how to proceed. From intensive dermatology procedures to something as simple as taking an approved antibiotic, Academic & Aesthetic Dermatology Consultants can help you find the cure you’ve been needing for years.

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