As men age, they may begin to lose their hair. This will usually start at the temples or the crown of the head. Those suffering from male pattern hair loss may be in search of a treatment option to regrow their hair. A common remedy for this is Rogaine. This treatment has helped millions of people regain a full head of hair over the past 30 years. Here is all that you should know about Rogaine.

Origins of Rogaine

Rogaine is the brand name of minoxidil. This anti-hypertensive vasodilator dilates the blood vessels, meaning that it opens them up more than they were. Minoxidil was originally an oral medication that was developed to treat high blood pressure, being approved by the FDA in 1979. When the physicians prescribed the treatment, they noticed that patients using it grew a significant amount of new hair. The FDA approved Rogaine as a treatment for hair loss in 1988. While minoxidil is sold under various names worldwide, Rogaine has become the go-to treatment option for those suffering from male pattern hair loss.

It Doesn’t Work for Everyone

The FDA approved Rogaine for use by men and women to treat androgenic alopecia or genetic-based hair loss, commonly referred to as male pattern hair loss. This treatment option works for most people that use it but not for everyone. However, it does work for a significant number of people, which is why it is made available for patients to try. While this treatment option is mostly used for male pattern hair loss, it has been shown to work for other types of alopecia. For this reason, it may be prescribed for other types of hair loss.

Why It Might Not Work

When Rogaine doesn’t work for patients, it’s usually due to the patient failing to comply with instructions. In order for Rogaine to work, it must be used twice a day for several months. The application should be done every morning and every night. Even when the instructions are followed, patients usually won’t see results for several months. It is important to follow the instructions, consistently, for 1-3 months to see results.

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How It Works

A common question among those that are considering Rogaine is how it works. The truth is, nobody is entirely sure how it works. The medication was originally created to help control blood pressure and developing hair growth was a miraculous discovery. What we do know is that it is a vasodilator, a medication that opens up the blood vessels. Because of this, a common theory is that the dilated blood vessels are able to carry more nutrients to the hair follicle. This would provide a greater ability for hair growth.

So long as the individual follows the instructions and is patient, they will likely see an increase in hair growth. Visit Academic and Aesthetic Dermatology Consultants if you’re in need of a dermatologist in San Diego, CA. Book online at your convenience or call (858) 292-7525.