As you age, certain undesirable features will develop on your skin and face. This is usually sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of facial volume. While these things may develop on other parts of your body, the face is the one part of your body that you are unable to hide. Today, various techniques will make you look younger. Two of the most commonly used treatments are Juvéderm Vollure and Juvéderm Voluma. Here is a comparative guide about these two treatments.

Treatment Areas

The main difference between Juvederm Vollure and Juvederm Voluma is what it is used to treat. Juvederm Vollure is designed for treatment around the corners of the mouth and nose. This will allow you to get rid of marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and mild to moderate facial wrinkles and lines. Juvederm Voluma, on the other hand, is used to plump up the cheeks. By adding volume to the cheek region of the face, it will provide an overall lift to the rest of the face. While the treatments themselves are very similar, this main difference will determine which product needs to be used.

Treatment Type

When it comes to the actual treatment method, these two procedures are quite similar. Both feature an injection into the face but sticking a tiny needle just below the surface of the skin. The filler that’s used contains lidocaine in both situations. This helps to reduce the amount of mild pain or discomfort during the procedure. The dermatologist might also massage the area to make you more comfortable. The primary difference here is what is injected into the face. Juvederm Vollure injects a dermal filler. Juvederm Voluma features the injection of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that contributes to your skin’s firmness.


With both treatments, the primary benefits are that they solve the aging skin condition they’re designed to and last longer than other options. Juvederm Vollure is softer than other treatment options of the mouth and nose, which allow for longer-lasting results. The results of this treatment generally last up to 18 months following the injection. Juvederm Voluma allows patients to receive the benefits of a facelift without experiencing invasive surgery. The results of this treatment may last up to two years. In both cases, the results will be seen immediately.

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When a person has a surgical procedure to rid themselves of aging aspects of the face, such as a facelift, there is recovery time. There will be a period where they might need that part of the face covered, and it could be a period before they can resume normal activities. A major benefit of these procedures is that there is no recovery time needed. Once the procedure is done, the results will be recognizable, and the person will be able to return to their normal activities immediately.

Aging has numerous undesirable effects on your skin. Juvederm Vollure and Juvederm Voluma allow you to remove those unwanted aspects with a quick, minimally-invasive procedure. Visit Academic and Aesthetic Dermatology Consultants for San Diego Juvédermtreatments. Book online or call (858) 292-7525