Age spots are some of the most common, and most regrettable, signs of aging. Often referred to as liver spots, they appear as small, darkened areas of the skin, and commonly appear as people grow older. However, your first age spots may show up sooner than you might like.

Age spots develop as your skin pigment changes in reaction to an overproduction of melanin, the natural pigment that darkens your skin. This is the chemical responsible for tanning. But as you age, melanin releases in an uncommon pattern, causing spots. A lifetime of exposure to UV sunlight, chemicals, and pollution causes the sudden production of these age spots. However, they can also be hereditary. So what can you do about these darkened spots? Experts in skin cosmetic dermatology recommend the following options.


This is a great at-home, non-surgical treatment for age spots. While there are over-the-counter creams that claim to get rid of age spots, many of these are ineffective. You should try something that only a professional dermatology center can offer. These include retinol creams that treat age spots.


Smooth away your skin’s blemishes and physically erase age-spot-affected skin with microdermabrasion. This procedure involves the use of a slightly abrasive, handheld instrument that is applied to the skin and gently scrubs away the top layer. After a few treatments, you can have smooth, even skin without age spots. Microdermabrasion essentially allows the skin to heal itself.

Chemical Peels

This process is essentially a more sophisticated facial, but is performed by a trained expert in dermatology treatments. The makeup of these chemical peels vary, as they’re formulated with a specific outcome in mind. In other words, there are specific chemical combinations that can target age spots on your skin. A solution is gently applied to your skin and allowed to rest and harden there. Then, a specialist will peel the hardened chemical solution off your face, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed underneath. Chemical peels are formulated to remove damaged skin cells, including those affected by age spots.

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Laser Removal

If you want a stronger treatment that directly targets your age spot-affected skin cells, try laser removal. This process involves the use of strong beams of light to eliminate the age spots without affecting the surrounding skin. After laser removal, the skin will heal and regenerate with a smoother appearance, and no age spot in sight.

Light Therapy

This is another strong but non-invasive treatment that your dermatologist may try. Light therapy involves targeting melanin-producing cells under the skin. After light therapy, the skin will rejuvenate and eventually return to its original color. It’s a more gradual way to reduce age spots, but it may be more effective than other techniques.

Your best option when seeking a solution for age spots is to make an appointment for a cosmetic dermatology consultation. A dermatologist in skin disorders and treatments, can determine the best course of action for your age spots.

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