Cyst Removal

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What are cysts?

Cysts are very common skin ailments that plague thousands of people from around the world. Although all age groups are susceptible to obtaining skin cysts, older individuals are especially prone to getting cysts. Typically, a cyst feels like a pea-sized pouch of liquid that lies beneath the surface of the skin. Although some people initially fear that their skin cysts are cancerous, they are usually benign and pose no health threat. While some skin cysts may feel tender to the touch, others are completely painless. Some small cysts may gradually become very large due to an infection in the area.

What are the various types of cysts?

There are literally hundreds of different types of skin cysts. They can also occur virtually anywhere in the body. Some of the most common areas include the back, face, genitals, scalp, and underneath the arm pits. Often times, the cyst may stem from an infected hair follicle.


An experienced dermatologist in San Diego, Dr. Shega, can easily diagnose the presence of a skin cyst by visually and physically inspecting the lump. However, a biopsy may be recommended to rule out any other underlying health conditions.

What are the available treatments for cysts?

In many instances, a skin cyst will disappear on its own. However, persistent or inflamed skin cysts will need to be treated by a professional dermatologist in San Diego. Cryosurgery has proven to be a very effective treatment for cyst removal. This cyst treatment involves freezing the tissue with liquid nitrogen. Another popular treatment is a cyst removal surgery. The goal of this procedure is to open up the cyst and remove the infected growth. After the cyst removal, the wound is closed up with stitches. Post treatment can be discussed with your doctor prior to the procedure.

Cyst Prevention

Although maintaining good hygiene is advisable,there is no surefire way to prevent the occurrence of cysts. It is also important to avoid pressing a cyst too aggressively. The excess pressure could cause the infected cyst to burst, thus spreading the infection into the bloodstream.

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